• Organic food fair and expo helps in creating a closer link between the consumers and producer.
  • Roshni Manandhar

    If you had to choose between chemically treated fruits and vegetables or an equally appealing, economically and naturally grown food products in grocery store then you would obviously choose the latter. Every individual is concerned about their health and they know that it is far better to eat simple organic food products instead of conventionally produced varieties of products.

    Along with the health related benefit, organic farming considers the medium and long term effect of agricultural intervention on the agro ecosystem. It is sustainable alternative when it comes to food production as it production as it produce food while establishing an ecological balance to prevent soil fertility and pest problems.

    Food fair and food expo (food show, food exhibition, food exposition or expo) is an exhibition organized by certain groups or companies to showcase and demonstrate their food product and services, meet with consumers, study the interest and views of consumers so that they can overcome their shortcoming and examine recent market trends and opportunities. Food fairs and expo of organic products raise the awareness on the value of organic, local and underutilized crops and their product. It confirms the huge commercial dynamics and influences of the exhibition on the development of the organic and local food in the wider region (urban and cities).

    Such event helps in developing market linkage among diverse entrepreneurs and government agencies and to learn about the potentiality of the local organic crops for product. Especially, in urban areas it helps in establishing the huge marketing of local and organic products. Thousands of professional visitors from the organized retails, industries and catering industries will have the chance to meet face to face and directly carry out commercial transactions with producers and traders operating in the sector of organic and natural foods and vegetable and their product from every corner of the state or country.Fair and expo of organic perishable good can be the way of providing market facility to such good. Such opportunities can encourage the local framers to produce more organic good.

    Organic food fair and expo helps in creating a closer link between the consumers and producer. There are no any government organizations till date providing certification so to get certification of organic farm is very costly and difficult. Such fair and expo will expose those farmers and help them to get some space and importantly the consumers would be aware about the quality of the product they are consuming. Because of all these benefits we can conclude that organic fairs and food expo can be the platform to promote organic agriculture.



    Roshni Manandhar

    Bsc. Agriculture, Lamjung Campus, lamjung nepal


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